Online Piano Lessons: Myths and Tips

Do you really can learn to play the piano from independently-YouTube-and, with the advice in the forums, …?

In addition to many debates on different forums about it and ask me on this page. A lot of the story is about the learning opportunities of the piano – well, let’s consider some of the frequent Act about it.

(it: for playing synthesizers, we don’t need to know how to play the piano)
The error. For playing synthesizers very much need to know how to play the piano. Indeed it is possible to program the synthesizers or use the footage from the Internet, which uses the synthesizer on your own. But it’s not playing, that’s the “playback.” With that kind of playing and you’re selling yourself.

Playing synthesizers is the real thing, only then, when we understand how to play the piano, just that we get the right idea about it, what we synthesizer allows.

(Music school in your home through online piano lessons at their best): with education learn and everything you need for playing synthesizers.

(myth: too old (or young) I for education on the piano, I’m not going to understand)
It sounds incredible, but many orders for a music school in your home and are coming from some pensioners. They tell us that they have always had a desire to play an instrument, but there was no time or money, so will you now afford something for the soul.

For more time, which the pensioners have, their success is assured. More time means more exercise and fewer worries that something would not understand or have failed. It is similar with the children, which have the (pre) over time. Let’s help them fill in that time in a way that is fun and useful, so let’s provide and their future.

The package is a product of the piano for all generations because they are easy-to-understand lessons to anyone.

(it: playing the piano is too heavy, I can’t learn)
Learn the basics of playing the keyboard are the most simple of all “serious” instruments, and that is exactly why, because it’s all logically arranged, so we have an idea of what we play, what is the scale, and what do the black and white keys. All we have in front of you, “black and white.”

This is the reason, that in every music school, music theory teaching on the keyboard of the piano because to understand the fundamentals of music the piano is the most appropriate instrument. With some exercises make up for every “lummox” in the US, the most important is the desire for playing the instrument and love of music.

anyone with enough exercise can learn to play the piano to the necessary levels

(a myth: the piano is just for playing classical music)
škola klaviraWe can play on the keyboard all we hear on the radio or TV.

Besides the piano is present in a variety of musical bands, so that it is genuinely versatile usable.

He’s playing classical music on the piano is an exceptional experience because of the incredible harmonies, which are the old masters knew out of the piano with a keyboard, so get them yet, and we admire today.

At the music school in your home is represented by different music, from commercial and folk music to the classics.

(a myth: we can only learn to play the piano in the traditional music school)
We can learn to play professionally in classical music school, and the knowledge is being upgraded at the Music Academy with the famous musical instructors, besides we need and more theoretical knowledge. However, it is not necessary for each of us to play the piano at a professional level. The average man, who wants to play the piano for your soul, you don’t need an education in classical music school. Anyone can learn to play on a level with the home instructor or with our package of music school.

with us, you get a basic musical knowledge, which you can later and Sami upgrade

(it: understanding music has nothing to do with my playing the piano or other instruments)
Understanding the music increases with knowledge of playing every instrument. This is an indisputable fact, and that’s why it matters how much at the beginning of an investment in the playing because they are just the musical basis of the source from which we obtain and refine our skills.

Valid and vice versa, if we understand each other better music and better, then we can play an instrument. Suddenly we see, what kind of ingenious solutions they have found some authors music, admire the creativity of the old masters, and Sami we try to play what we already know – every time better. The old songs receive new meaning and all of a sudden the same melody become more beautiful and more interesting.

in a year and a half, you will get a sound basis for listening to music with an entirely new skill.

(myth: I can learn everything, what’s the other learn in-run education)
There is a lot of literature from which you find out almost everything, but that literature is not linked, and as a beginner, you will hardly have put together in a necessary whole. You will see just one piece of a mosaic, but not the whole picture. With a sound basis after the end of the right education you can and Sami to thrive with playing the piano. If you know the scales and chords, significantly better you’ll understand what you say YouTube tutors or elsewhere.

you will get a reasonable basis for the independent development of musical talent in the right direction
At the end for a better idea, let’s make another comparison with the teaching of a foreign language.
Clair za početnikeFrom the manual we can learn by heart a few phrases or sentences in Spanish (good day, where is this street), but with this we’re not going to know Spanish. Unfortunately, and those phrases that we know, we probably won’t ever use it. Instead of concrete knowledge, we will probably turn out to be humorous. That’s why it’s better to go on a real language course (not the 5-hour, than the more monthly), introduce the basics of the language. So we use acquired knowledge further and through reading and speech.

It is the same with the playing of the instrument. You can quickly learn a few tunes with YouTouba by ear, but it’s not the right play, but only the mechanical repetition of tones.
When you’re in the company of a few songs played, that you know by heart-you are already right away and ended up (if someone proposes a different tune, we hear a variety of excuses).

In “music school in your home” you get for the price of 5 “reservoirs of gas” a reasonable basis from which to upgrade their musical experience.


In addition to all the written facts in “music school in your home,” we have chosen precisely that part of music theory. Which is necessary for an amateur playing the instrument and singing, we left out the superfluous ballast, which they have in classical music schools, because you are not going to use if you do not have the ambition to become a professional musician, and is continuing to educate in high music school or more than that.

In short, if you want one day to play in the Philharmonic, then you need to educate yourself in the classic musical school. If you wish to amateur to play your favorite instrument, then we recommend: win the proper fundamentals, which are the basis for the correct piano playing and enjoying the music. The decision is ultimately yours.

You order the package today, and for a year and a half, you will be laughing at you to say: Yes, it’s worth it!:)