Learn Piano Online – Guide with the best platforms on the Internet 2020

There are several platforms of the internet with online courses, some are free and others pay but there are usually expensive, or they have a trial version free so you better to see if they are what you like. Of course in the payment amount and quality of the contents are better and allow you to interact with the user, although there are some free which is worth.

One of the problems that usually have is that this world is still a little green in the Hispanic world and most of the websites are in English. But there is one that is already transforming the piano and already has the translated interface. They are preparing material in other languages but still the videos are in English (interface in English) like bestpianolessons.onlineYou talk about flowkey below

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See keyboard

The fingering on the piano online

There are applications out there that have a virtual keyboardThat comes in handy to know visually that they are seeing but does not help us to learn piano correctly. We recommend that you apart from the virtual piano in which you have to click with the mouse keys have a MIDI keyboard or electronic to the side to practice at the same time.

flowkey.com: Finally an interactive apponline piano apps

All the information here: Flowkey.es

Our favorite and most recommended. We had like that was something similar taking advantage of new technologies. The fact that is not a web application itself, but that is an app but deserves a place in this ranking. Mainly because they are making efforts to be translated into all languages and the videos are very easy to understand even if you speak very little English. Also recently have taken the app for Android.

Is designed to practice with real electronic keyboard or a piano, but the good thing is that this app is installed on a tablet or mobile and put it in our stand. So the app is capable of detecting the microphone of the tablet note we are touching and you can interact with us as if it were a virtual teacher. Tells us if you’ve pressed the button wrong or.

It has a very interesting free version that will help you to know if you like to play the piano. Feel free to try the free trial by clicking here version.



Website in English free, slightly archaic appearance, but has a great power. It is possible to upload a MIDI file of the song that we want to listen and the application goes touching her while we see that keys must be pressed.

MIDI is a file format capable of storing the musical notation of a song.

As we have already said is important that while we are in front of the application we have a MIDI keyboard or electronic to practice what we have on display. The site is in English but is very intuitive so with that we have we can handle around notions of the language.

It is important to remember that the websites in English use American notation, simply change the name of the musical notes and equivalence is the following (American notation on the right):

Do = C, RE = D, MI = E, f = F, Sun = G, = La A, if B =

PianoMarvel.com: Power to your MIDI keyboard


Web and payment APP but very affordable. It is in English but we hope a version in others soon (should because if not lose much market share). Flowkey is working more in this regard and they have already told us that they are working on it.

The outstanding feature of Piano Marvel is the amount of lessons and content they have, much more extensive than any other site because it takes more time. And above all allows the connection of our MIDI keyboard.

Interact with us through a MIDI cable, which ensures the correct transmission of what we are playing. It is able to know the notes that we are pressing and correct us if we do something wrong.

Today is the one that has the best content but on the other hand not is nothing in EnglishBut if you master the English we advise you to start with it, you learn very well and is always cheaper than a teacher.

They have a free trial so you can see if you like it and they are launching the App for racing applications type Flowkey. Although we expect more he craves the version in English.

Other free resources

Sometimes sites are recommended as Zebrakeys.com. Once this website was quite popular, but already has many years and has not been updated. It is to see the resources and practice with it and a keyboard before, but compared with the new interactive possibilities as Flowkeys and Piano Marvel has been very short. Although being free always is you can take a look.

Watch out for the total free and your time…

Free webs is well especially if you have time to experimentIf you’re very right time maybe some of the options of payment such as Piano Marvel, you should because you will advance much faster and better. Cheap options are that will advance much more quickly, and that will have an effect on your motivation.

If you’re a totally beginner take a walk through our free course. You will always be well you learn basic concepts, practice the independence of the hands, keeping simple etc:

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